Accessibility guide for Lese-Majeste at The Ivy House


You can download a copy of our accessibility guide here:

Or a large-print version of our accessibility guide here:

Or view the guide in the text below this.

Lése Majestè @ Ivy House Accessibility Document

The following access document is adapted from the majestic, Attitude Is Everything Venue Access guide as well as a couple of other access guides.

Whilst we have tried to cover everything that we could think of, Friends of the Joiners Arms are very happy to hear any additional areas/details that we could include in future accessibility documents – if you have any feedback, please email We are working with The Ivy House to make Lèse-Majesté as accessible as we can, and we are in the process of planning accessibility for future events. If there are any further improvements we could make to the night), please let us know by emailing us at!

The Ivy House is an inclusive and welcoming space. There is a zero tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination.

Picture of the exterior of the pub.

Contact Details

For access enquiries please contact:

Aedan Solomon who is working on the night.


40 Stuart Rd, London SE15 3BE

Alternatively, please speak to a volunteer who will be working on the front desk of the ballroom throughout the event

Venue Description

The spacious pub is made up of: a bar, kitchen, front room, ballroom, refractory, a backroom, a green room (for performers, not literally a room that is green in colour!) and a back garden. 

There is one small step in the front door of the building which has a portable foldaway metal ramp ready to use that is of a gentle gradient. The width of the front door is less than 5 foot wide. The ramp’s maximum load is 600 pounds or 272kg. The back garden has a ramp of a gentle gradient. The paving in the garden is uneven. The venue has level access throughout. The bar area serves alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. The bar has no adjustments for people using wheelchairs. There is a spittoon that may be in the way of faces of bartenders.

There is no step free access to the stage in the ballroom. There is a block of 3 steps and a final step. The stage is less than a meter tall. There are also 2 steps in the green room.

Toilets are step free but quite narrow, no wider than 75cm or approx. 3 foot 6.  We do not have a dedicated access toilet or flashing lights on our alarms. We do however, have a handrail in the ballroom toilet where the event will be held. The toilet in the ballroom will be gender neutral on the night.

The nearest toilet (stalls only) is immediately on the right of the front door. It is a 10 foot walk to a toilet with urinals. The slightly more accessible bathroom with rail is through the ballroom immediately on the left. 

There are lots of tables and chairs available. Most are wooden chairs/barstools. The majority do not have arms. A few are tall and have leather cushions. There are also church pews and cushions as well as a bunkette! I.e. this:

Patrons can bring cushions and blankets too if needed. 

Temperature control: Patrons can alter the settings and or bring portable heaters/fans if needed, however, they must be PAT tested. Central heating is available throughout the premises including 2 fireplaces. The venue gets quite toasty! Blankets are available. There is no heating outside.

There is a seperate unofficial ‘low input’ room that is always accessible to the public which people can enter not needing to ask staff. This is a place where there is less talking, low lights, less noise and moving lights. There is enough room and the floor is suitable for wheelchairs to move around easily. There is solid wooden floor throughout the spacious pub. Plenty of room for maneuvering. Every entrance to double doors in every room can be opened. 

The main circulation routes are free from trip hazards and obstructions.

There will be signposts from the entrance to the ballroom which are not permanent but will be provided at events including LM. 


Blue badge holders can not park in Permit Holder Bays but can park in pay by phone or disabled bays. There is a disabled bay opposite the Ivy House on Stuart Road, Waveney Avenue, and 2 more parking bays in Torridge Gardens (0.3 miles) which are both 2 streets behind. 

Travel Guide

The nearest train stations are:

Nunhead train station: 0.8 miles away 

This station has an induction loop, steps and no access to ramps. However if you require assistance on your journey, please contact the assisted travel helpline to discuss your requirements on: Email – Phone – 0800 058 2844 | Textphone – 0800 138 1018

Peckham Rye train station is 1.3 miles away 

The station has an induction loop and wheelchair availability. There is also a ramp for train access and step free access.: Step free access to both platforms via separate entrances. Step – free access between platforms via the street (more than 400m apart). Staff Help Available Mon – Fri: 6:40 AM to 1:20 PM Sat: Unavailable Sun: Unavailable. Contact details as above.

The nearest bus stop is:

Stuart Road (for 343, 484) – 450ft away, connects to Peckham Rye Station. 

Arrival Guide

The Ivy House is open from 12 on Thursdays, and closes at 11pm (although there will be drinking-up time after 11pm).

Customers with Medical Requirements

We welcome attendees who need to bring medicines, food or drink to manage a medical condition, or medical equipment. Food is also available to purchase with vegan and vegetarian options. 

Please contact us if you have any concerns.

In an emergency.

We phone 999, and have an internal phone system. We have fire safety regulations and a set meeting point in event of fire. 

Access to Performance

We do not have Audio Enhancement such as loops, intra red or mobile connect at present.

We’re incredibly dog friendly and access dogs are very welcome. Dog bowls can be provided. Peckham Rye park and Common is less than 0.1 miles from The Ivy House for breaks and walks. 

We do not have strobe lighting.

All staff including security will be briefed on gender, disability and inclusivity. 

Please see below for photos.


Front entrance

  Entrance to toilet with stalls.

Baby changing facility and stalls bathroom

Photo of baby changing facilities and stalls bathroom – other angle.

Photo of baby changing facilities and stalls bathroom – other angle. Entrance to toilets


Step inside greenroom

Other angle of greenroom

Other angle of green room

Toilet with urinals and stall

Close up of stall inside toilet with urinals

Sink inside stall of toilet with urinals and stall


Stage featuring steps

Entrance to toilet with stalls

See you on Thursday!

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