Channelling the need for LGBTQ+ community spaces into activism

Owen Jones’ ‘Why London’s LGBT communities need their own base more than ever’ article.

The Guardian,  21st June 2018.

Whilst FOTJA is a campaign that fights to maintain London’s queer night time scene, our key motive is to provide an accessible community centre that caters to the diverse needs of London’s LGBTQ+ community. Owen Jones’ article in The Guardian hails the importance of LGBTQ+ spaces such as the one we aim to establish, in the context of cuts that have obliterated services and charities that support LGBTQ+ people, and rising homophobic hate crime and intolerance that threatens the community.

Jones throws into question what the fight for LGBT rights really means. Debunking the Conservative government’s false political rhetoric of support for the community and highlighting the limits of legal rights gains, he shows that the struggle for LGBTQ+ lives and equality continues. However, helpfully he reminds us that there is hope, and that like our campaigners and allies before us, we can champion LGBTQ+ needs through grassroots activism and projects like FOTJA, and the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre. The London LGBTQ+ Community Centre aims to create a multi-purpose, accessible and non-for-profit space that acts as an information point, workspace and social centre, run by and for the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s show our support for all the other campaigns helping to put LGBTQ+ spaces back on the map!


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